BHEGroup provided civil engineering services for the development of a new 80,000 sqft student residence hall on the Oregon State campus. The building was designed as a multi-use facility, including reception, office space, triple suites with private bathrooms, on-floor kitchens, lounges, laundry rooms, storage and staff apartments. Additionally, first-floor space was leased to the OSU Recreational Sports Department.

Civil work included stormwater, sanitary sewer, and water distribution system improvements as well as private roadway and fire lane improvements within and adjacent to the project site. The project also included a rainwater harvesting system to capture and reuse building roof runoff for non-potable water uses inside the building. Water distribution system improvements included a new public water main necessary to meet current fire protection standards, as well as dedicated fire sprinkler and domestic water supply for the new building. Public water system improvements were designed, permitted, and constructed under the City of Corvallis Public Improvement by Private Contract process, which occurred concurrently with the private development permit process. Sanitary sewer systems included construction of service laterals to the new building and relocation of an existing private sewer main displaced by the proposed building footprint.

The project achieved equivalent LEED Gold per the requirements of the Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS), as well as meeting the requirements of SEED. Civil responsibilities for this process included coordinating and documenting credits for erosion and sedimentation control, stormwater management rate and quantity, and stormwater management treatment.